The Lost Pylugwyr

The Tower of Corren

The party forms and climbs a tower.

It is early spring in the town of Old Strawn, It is the beginning of the Merchant Season gathering.  Old Strawn sits on the border of the three major kingdoms of the western edge of the east continent; Blacklion to the north, Faerinhall to the south, and Iron Hill to the east. The Iron Spine Mountain range separate Blacklion and Faerinhall from Iron Hill. Due to treaty agreements Old Strawn does not belong to one kingdom. But each kingdom occupies the town 10 years at a time.

The session opens with Rurik Brawnanvil, a dwarf of the Iron Spines, and Lidda (or L) a young halfling woman. They arrived in town in the early morning via caravan from Faerinhall. Rurik is on route to northern mountain, but has been commissioned to find a Paladin of Pelor in Old Strawn. And Lidda has expressed her need to locate a relative to find work. Their first spot is The Barrel and Blessing for breakfast, Rurik knows the owner, Tamman.

Awakening in a room at the Barrel and Blessing is a young, freshly trained cleric of Pelor named Anton. He has been sent by his Arch-Cleric from Blacklion to search out Paladin El-Lain Durran. Once he has finished his morning prayers, Anton walks down to a mostly empty tavern. He notices a dwarf and halfling at the bar and an elf woman in the back corner. As he approach the bar the halfling slinks to back towards the elf.

Rurik introduces himself to Anton after seeing he is of the church of Pelor. The two quickly realize that they are looking for the same person. Anton came to the inn, because it was said Durran was staying here. After asking Tamman. the innkeeper, he tells the two that Durran requested the spare key to her room, leaving the room blocked off. Anton and Rurik chose to walk to the local chapel to Pelor.

Meanwhile in the back of the bar, Lidda approaches the elf, a female dressed in green and blue robes. The Elf's name is Immeral, a student from the White Tree Aerister in the East. It appears that the two are both interested in the tower in the town. Immeral is looking for a colleague of her master, and Lidda doesn't relate her reasons for wanting to checked the tower. The two leave to check the tower.

Once Anton and Rurik arrived at the chapel, they spoke to the local priest. After discussing Paladin Durran, the priest reveals that Durran was investigating the tower. The priest tells Anton of a rumor of an old man who had books and relics from the tower before it was locked up 80 years prior. He believe his name is Barok, and lives near the constabulary. Before leaving to check the tower, the priest gave Anton the spare key to Durran's at the Barrel and Blessing, that she left there for safe keeping.

Meanwhile, Immeral and Lidda had reached the tower, a tall structure about 11-12 stories high with a 30ft wall wrapping around the base of the tower. After trying the gate in the wall, and finding it was locked and warded, Immeral uses her wand to dispel the ward. Unfortunately the ward is far too powerful compare to experience with this type of magic. Seeing this not working, Lidda opts to climb the wall, but only making it about 10ft before another ward was activate, not her to the ground.

After some trail and error, Immeral and Lidda take a break, just as Anton and Rurik arrived. After comparing note, about the old man with the relics near the constabulary, the group finds a guard with the town watch near the market place. The guard, being from Blacklion, was not familiar enough with the town to know the man's name or where is resisdence was near the constabulary.

As the group questions the guard, Lidda slips away after noticing that the group is being watch by a person in a cloak. She manages to sneak up beside the hooded figure, before she could get the best of him, her greed get the best of her. She tries to pick-pocket the man, but is caught in the act. The man runs and is lost in the crowd.

With the day dragging on, the group decide to return to inn to eat and check Durran's room. Except for Lidda, who still decides to check out the constabulary for information concerning this mystery man. Once arrive at the constabulary, Lidda notices one of the thieves cants written on the constabulary wall. This appears to a list of potential marks. Most of the names are marked out, one of them being Barran with the tower next to it, and followed by the word "crazy". Below Barran is another name, Robert at the Barrel and Blessing with an line connecting it to Barren.

To relay this information to rest of the group, Lidda sends her pet mouse, Felipe, with a message about Robert at the inn. After checking a few more spots, Lidda decides to return to the inn.

Back at the Barrel and Blessing, the group of three investigate the Paladin's room. The room is mostly empty, execpt for a few scrapes of paper, one reading "The Key of Artifice". While trying to decipher this phrase, an arrow flies through the window, nearly hitting Rurik. Seeing a figure in the window across the alley, Anton lifts his hand and releases a Scared Flame injuring the cloaked figure. The assailant leaps from the window and flees down the alley.

Anton, Rurik, and Immeral give chase. The group makes good time behind the man, but he is still many steps ahead of them. As he runs, Anton feels a small pressure on his shoulder, it is Felipe. The mouse he saw Lidda with has small scroll, he takes and pockets the scroll. And with a moment of divine inspiration, Anton throws Felipe at the man. Felipe lands true and begins to scratch and bite at the suspect, slowing him down.



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